“Yoga with Choc is always an amazing experience. She connects with all the class participants, and you will always feel like part of a family in her class. She is very personable and no one feels left out throughout the class. She’s one of the best yoga instructors I’ve had!!I love attending Choc’s yoga classes because I am guaranteed to get a good sweat, a good stretch, and overall mental rejuvenation. It’s just completely worth my time (and money!). Before yoga class I’ve usually had a long day, or I’m just rolling out of bed, so I’m drained or on low energy levels. Once the class starts I feel my body and mind reawakening. Each pose in Choc’s various flows targets a different body part; pushing them to new limits, stretching, strengthening, creating space. It is a challenging 60 minutes that begins and ends with focus on the breath. At the end of the class I feel accomplished. It’s just an all round fulfilling experience.”

Njideka M.
Exxon Mobil