“I was advised to incorporate yoga in my workouts due to increased inflexibility and other sporting injuries. However, I never did so until I discovered Choc’s yoga classes. I tried numerous instructors, classes, styles of yoga all over the world, but did not find anything suitable. The problems were the classes were either: slow and boring – making me look at the clock constantly – or were extremely complex – where one was expected to wrap their legs around one’s neck!
Choc’s classes were not only inviting and friendly, but more importantly full of energy. The movements flow easily from one to the next, holding for just the right amount of time to feel the stretch and not lose focus on what was going on.
Within 3 classes with Choc I felt significant improvement – now, instead of looking at the clock to see when will this class end, I find myself looking at the clock to see when does Choc’s class start.”

Anonymous – Lagos, Nigeria