Emerge and Evolve

An 8-Day Holistic Escape Through The Mystical Oasis of Tulum
  Chocolako and The Yoga Innergy Team Holistika Tulum November 29 – December 6, 2020

Rather than end 2020 doing what you’ve done all year, give yourself a heartfelt gift that will revitalize your radiance and response to life like never before!

From November 29 – December 6th, during November’s full moon cycle, Chocolako and The Yoga Innergy Team have curated a flow of bespoke experiences to activate your inner equilibrium.

‘Emerge and Evolve’ is an 8-day, 7-night Holistic Escape through the Mystical Oasis of Tulum, Mexico.

Picture yourself immersed in an environment rich in culture and inclusivity, sandwiched between jungle and beach. While in Tulum, you’ll be surrounded by high vibrations, uplifting conversations, natural healing, and authentic connection.

This retreat is all about “less force, and more flow” for your ultimate breakthrough and rise.

Greetings Soulshine,

We are glad to see you decided to answer the calling of your heart!

Congratulations on securing your spot for the 8-Day Holistic Escape in Tulum. For now, rest assure that you are in for quite a treat. Additional details will soon hit your inbox. Expect to receive a welcome letter outlining all the things you need to prepare for your retreat in Tulum, Mexico.

For now, start searching for your flights and visualize yourself here soon. Yippeeeee!

With gratitude, love and light,

Chocolako and The Yoga Innergy Team

Say yes to your heart

For many of us around the world, this has been a tumultuous year, challenging and full of change. With having to postpone plans created for 2020, you’ve probably witnessed feelings of being stuck between waves of anxiety, shock and uncertainty at an alarming rate. You’re tired, and we get it; We feel the same pinches and stings too. You deserve a break, and we’ve created the perfect one for you!!! Hear the calling of your heart and join us in Tulum to ‘Emerge and Evolve’ beyond negative emotions, energies, fears and blocks together in a vortex designed specifically for transformation. Say “YES!” to fresh air, natural food, warm weather, new connections, laughter and boundless joy. From November 29 – December 6th let rest and adventure be your recalibration ceremony. Out with the old, in with the BLISS…  

Home is where the heart and breath weave

Our home during this retreat is the famous Holistika Wellness, where we will be nourished by the world’s finest yoga sessions, revitalized through embodied meditations, detoxifying temazcal ceremonies, restored through daily massages if you wish, pampered with delicious plant-based meals, cenote explorations, and so much more!  

Endings can serve as awakenings

During our retreat we will bask in the energy of pi When you have the courage to be your authentic self, you’ll feel a freedom like no other. The right people will love the raw, real and creative soul that you are – quirks and all. It the acceptance and getting to know these parts of ourselves that want to be held and cared for by our ever-present awareness. During this retreat, you’ll get to experience and nurture a deeply intimate part.

Holistika Tulum

Your home for this journey

Experience luxury in the wilderness at Holistika Tulum, the highly favored getaway spot for wellness seekers from all over the globe in the Yucatan Peninsula. A full-service retreat space, Holistika offers exquisite, spacious, air-conditioned accommodations, plant-based meal options, a large yoga practice space, and a gorgeously designed pool with hammocks to dissolve and relax.

In addition, the property has many little hidden treasures like soaking tubs, meditation spaces, and community events. You will also be in the heart of Tulum and only a few minutes walk to downtown and a short 15 minute drive to the famous white sand beaches this magical place has to offer.

This Retreat is for those of you who:

  • Have been feeling stuck and are looking to transform from a limited mentality into a love-based reality full of endless possibilities.
  • Want to enjoy the abundant beauty and nourishment of the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Are ready to reclaim your personal power and transform your energy by cleansing, clarifying, and calling forth what you truly want in life, this year and beyond.
  • Can’t wait to experience how self-healing, adventure, and gratitude are the core of what illuminates your spirit.
  • Would love to surround yourself with inspiring people from across the globe and make connections that last a lifetime.

The Journey


Each morning we’ll start by aligning your mind and body through daily movement, meditation, and breath practices. Our purifying Yoga practices and morning workshops will also begin to open your heart to the abundance already available to you; while in the evenings, you’ll experience the power of deep rest and restorative lunar rhythms through yin yoga, sound bath meditation, and stargazing.


You’ll also have plenty of free time to walk barefoot in the ocean, gaze out into the exquisite beauty of Tulum’s jungle from our exclusive resort’s pool, indulge in restorative massages, delight your palate with Yucatan cuisine or simply nap in the sunshine.


Discover the spiritual heart of Mexico. Known by the Mayans as the City of Dawn, Tulum’s sunrises are a sight to behold. The island is decorated with stunning Balinese architecture, art and nature so vivacious you will hardly believe it exists. Take in the Mayan archeological sites and swing in some of the most unique bodies of waters in the world, the mysterious cenotes.


We’re all about energy and our aim is to get you out of your mind and into your body so you can discover what frequency you’re at and how to turn it up and dial in it!

With purifying yoga practices and mind clarifying meditation you’ll drop the stress and get clear so you can let go of what you don’t want and tune your vibration to call in what you’d love more of. Choco will offer workshops and tools on Abundance and share ancient yogic magic practices as well as guide you on how to make vision boards.

We’ve also got some really special Tulum-style clearing and manifestation treats just for you: we will sweat away tension and old energy by participating in a sacred Temazcal ceremony, the Native Mexican equivalent to a Native American sweat lodge. We will head to Mayan sacred sites and learn about the rich history of the land while actually walking in the same land these wise and ancient people once stood in.

Included in your retreat package

  • 8 day, 7-night accommodations at Holistika Tulum
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Welcome gift package + essentials
  • Breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks (all locally sourced, high vibe nutritious meals)
  • Daily yoga, qi gong and stretch therapy
  • Sacred Mayan Temple visit
  • Cenote Excursion
  • Infinity pool + jacuzzi with jungle view
  • Temazcal ceremony
  • Stargazing meditation
  • Vision board creation
  • Entrance fees to excursions
  • New moon fire ceremony
  • Yoga & meditation equipment

What’s not included

  • Flights to and from Cancun Airport
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • Other meals excursion not listed in the itinerary
  • Additional transportation not listed in the itinerary

Packages and Price

Single Occupancy (Only 3 spots available) – $3600 (early bird $3000 before November 1st)

Double Occupancy – Shared (12 spots available) – $3200

About your host

When Chocolako was younger, family members called her their chocolate baby, chocolate drop, chocolate Olako and eventually Chocolako stuck. She is named after Olako, her maternal grandmother and is part of a lineage of feminine warriors, healers, and ground watchers of the soil in Benue State, the bread basket of Nigeria.

Steps to beginning your journey

Say “YES” to your heart. You deserve a break.

Arrive in Tulum.

Leave all the planning to us. Awaken to a new YOU!


This is a message from Spirit. You can hear the call come close and closer. It’s saying to immerse yourself in this much-needed journey and press the reset button on your life.

Innergy awaits your presence and the spirits of this land welcome you with open arms. Be restored and allow the flow within to manifest endless possibilities of wonder and delights.

Take the leap. Emerge & See!


“Clean your mind & your heart and everything will be cleaned.”
– Aztec Proverb