“Yoga was always something that intrigued me but I must confess I held the opinion at some point that it wasn’t macho enough. I suffered from a restless mind and body and so was never able to commit to stretching either, but as my weights and martial arts training got more intense it was obvious that I needed to make a compromise.
Choc had just started giving classes at my gym and it was obvious I was going to be the only guy in the class but I was comfortable enough with my masculinity ;-). Looking back now it was the best decision I made, in less than 6 months of practicing with Choc my anxiety level lessened, my body was getting into positions I never imagined possible and I was making great progress with my weights and Muay Thai training.
My Yoga mat followed me everywhere I travelled and every time I went into practice with a new group I would be initially anxious about whether I was prepared to practice with more advanced yogi’s and if perhaps Choc had been too easy on me, but every time I practiced with a new group I was proven wrong. I could not have been better prepared by a better Yogi. Choc provides authentic, international standard yoga teaching.”

Caesario De-Medeiros
Commercial Director AHL Marketing Ltd