“I was interested in yoga, and did a lot of research. I tried to teach myself at home and realized very quickly that I could not! The internet doesn’t teach you breathing techniques, nor does it give you the one-on-one interaction you need when you’re in a class with a professional. Not just a professional, a caring, positive, amazingly patient teacher like Choc. I did my research on yoga classes in Lagos. I heard mixed opinions and often became irritated/put off. There was never any motivation to go into the class once I met the instructor. They all sounded so bland and cliche. I wanted something different and I wasn’t going to settle for less. Luckily I joined the Fitness Central gym and voila…I met Choc.

The first time we met I felt so warm around her. She had such a positive vibe it overwhelmed me. I was impressed by her and couldn’t wait to learn. The class precedes itself, I was in “awe”. I learnt so much after one lesson and I wanted more. I started going to her classes every week. I never missed a class, I would go home energised and excited to continue practicing whatwe learned in class. The first time I practiced yoga with Choc was an authentic yoga experience, my practice before her was all a sham (sad to say but true.) Within six months of consistently attending Choc’syoga classes and also practising at home I can proudly say that I’ve graduated an intermediate level. She taught me to never say never, she dislikes the words ” I CAN’T”. She’s told me several times to believe and that I can do anything I put my mind to. I took these words very seriously and that’s really helped me with my practice.
Choc has such an infectious spirit, she’s amazingly kind, honest, friendly, and she takes her time with every single person. I’m very grateful for Choc. She’s taught me so much.

Rene Ahmed