“I met Choc at a party and we hit it off instantly. I realized that she teaches yoga classes in Lagos, and was thrilled to have found someone (and some place) to practice yoga. I practiced yoga earlier, on my own at home, so this was the first time I was attending a group yoga class. I enjoy yoga a lot, and felt that though I was practicing on my own, I needed the guidance of a yoga teacher who could help me with the poses while I discipline my practice. My first class with Choc was amazing! I felt reassured that I was with a great teacher. As I have continued with my practice with her, I have become physically stronger, more disciplined and confident of my ability. I enjoy the focus on breathing and enjoying my pace during class. The atmosphere in Choc’s class is encouraging and it feels great to do vinyasa in rhythm with others in the group. Joining Choc’s class has made my Lagos experience even more special than it already is.”

Ms. Harsheth Kaur Virk
Project Officer, Drug Demand Reduction
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)