“I commenced practicing yoga for the first time one year ago, at the age of 48. This coincided with a commitment to get fitter and healthier. I commenced and continue to train in a gym, following a moderate cardio and weights program. Then my friend, who I was training with, suggested I try yoga. Before trying, I have to admit, I had a naive and skeptical view of the benefits of yoga. However, after giving it a go, I was hooked from the start. I immediately got this great feeling throughout my body after each session, which I refer to as my ‘yoga buzz’. The physical workout was proving very fulfilling. After a few months, I heard about Choc’s yoga classes and tried this out and this took my yoga experience to another level. I found that not only was my body being exercised, but my mind and soul was also experiencing a very calming sensation and I realised Choc had shifted the ‘yoga buzz’ to both my mind and body. I now find myself looking forward to getting my ‘body and mind fix’ through yoga practice and it has changed the way I view many things in life. Life is good!”

Glen Prichard
Project Coordinator
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)