“She remembered who she was and the game changed” – Lalah Delia

Spirited glomad with African roots, Chocolako has more than 1,000+ hours of accredited yoga teacher training. Her path has led her to explore and weave artistic expression through non-linear somatic movement, embodied meditation, and hatha postures. As a result, her sister circles, yoga classes, dance and womb wellness practices across Africa have helped people express freely and feel their way toward an awakened path. This Atlanta native’s contagious spark invites us all to “feel it, then heal it”.
It was as a graduate student in early 2000, that she discovered yoga; tears and sweat poured down her face and she could not tell the difference between both forms of release. From this first class she was hooked, and she has ever since dedicated herself to the study of stillness and self.

Helping others is a core value for Chocolako, which is why she worked in healthcare for nearly 15 years. During her time as a Hospital Administrator, the intensity of the critical care division revealed to her the delicacy of life, forgiveness and death. It is with this understanding that Chocolako engages every precious moment with reverence.
She also experienced a different side of healthcare while working as a Market Access Manager with a pharmaceutical company in the UK and West Africa. From here she learnt the process of “flowing not forcing”, of engaging new strategies and witnessing existing cycles that were often neglected. Her insights around flowing served as the next spring board for her spiritual remembrance.
Underlying these professional experiences, Chocolako had an intrinsic knowing that the best medicinal elixir is to know thyself, and that healing occurs by addressing root causes, not only symptoms. Society teaches us to mask feelings, to use pain pills, antibiotics, vaccines … to avoid at all costs feeling sensations in the body, the greatest biofeedback system ever!
This knowing was refined in 2010 when she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training, and subsequently graduated from two 300-hour trainings, and hasn’t stopped studying since. There are tremendous holistic and rejuvenating benefits in knowing the body deeply. Proven with evidence based results, modalities such as yoga, embodied movement, meditation, retreats and fun excursions, cultivates this resonance and calls forth the intuitive teacher within each of us.
It is Chocolako’s hope and belief that yoga continues to unite us all.

Chocolako’s Education and Trainings

Bachelor of Science
Vanderbilt University

Master of Public Health (MPH)
University of California, Berkeley

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Cass Business School

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
O2 Yoga Studio, Boston, MA USA

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,
Les Leventhal, Radiantly Alive, Bali, Indonesia

100 Hour Embodied Feminine Awakening Yoga Teacher Training,
Tina Nance, Yoga Barn, Bali, Indonesia

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training (twice),
Tina Nance, Yoga Barn, Bali Indonesia

100 Hour Embodied Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training,
Tina Nance, Yoga Barn, Bali Indonesia

90 Hour Yoga from the inside out; Shining a Light on Racial Wounding,
Dr Gail Parker, Yoga Service Council

90 Hour Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training
Carlos Romero, Yoga Barn, Bali Indonesia

Chocolako is registered with Yoga Alliance E-RYT200, RYT 500 and YACEP designations