“I initially attended Choc’s yoga class because I needed to stretch my muscles and I knew yoga would help me unwind. I was not expecting much else. To my surprise that first class did so much for me. The mood, the music, the lighting and Choc’s soothing voice telling me to “be in the moment and forget about my perception of problems; this is a time to just let go of everything. Release.”

The sequence of stretches and yoga poses are great and I find myself really sweating and connecting with my breath. Choc’s class is not your average yoga class. After each class I feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer everything. Yoga with Choc is about body, mind and soul! She is passionate about what she does and it comes across in every single one of her classes. No two sessions are the same, the stretches are always different and that is why I return to her classes every week.”

Leilani Lawani
Senior Recruiter
WABU – (West Africa Business Unit) at The Coca-Cola Company