“I tried yoga only a few times before meeting Choc and I have to admit I never really took it as a serious form of exercise. However, my first 6AM class at Bodyline with Choc changed my entire perception of yoga. Choc was patient, kind and so helpful in helping me grow stronger, leaner and now a firm believer in yoga. I sweat more with Choc’s yoga class than I do during cardio. My body ached in places I didn’t even know existed (in a good way). Yoga with Choc made me so aware of my body and what it could do. By the end of each class I felt so calm and accomplished. Choc is a great teacher and her passion and drive to spread love whilst also getting fit is so inspiring. I recommend Choc’s class to everyone. She truly is amazing.”

Temidayo Abudu
Producer of EbonyLife Films