Yoga Innergy is for EVERYONE, especially those who want to connect deeper to who they are, what they’re capable of, and what they genuinely want to create and call forth in life.


For people to gather as a global commUNITY to awaken their inner energy and experience how our uniqueness and oneness can co-exist harmoniously


we strive to create a welcoming and non-judgmental family where people feel safe and inspired to navigate their personal healing and remember their purpose using presence of awareness and consistent yoga practice.

When we remember our purpose, we become unstoppable!

Core Values

  • Based on The Yamas and Niyamas
  • Non-violence
  • Truthfulness
  • Non-stealing
  • Preservation of Inner Energy
  • Non-Greed
  • Cleanliness
  • Contentment
  • Spiritual Austerities
  • Study of Self
  • Surrender to a Higher Intelligence

We’re known for bringing together the big hearts, bright sparks and those ready to take their practice to the next level in a nurturing and inclusive environment. Immerse yourself in the highest caliberre settings with world class yoga teachers and raise your vibration through movement, mindfulness and finally giving yourself the much deserved space you need to rest, reset and rise up into your fullest potential.

World-Class Instructors

We take pride in our partnerships with senior yoga teachers who are experts in their specialized fields. Our instructors skillfully connect with students: meeting each at the point of their individual learning needs through auditory, visual, and experiential teaching methodologies.

These experienced teachers are also practitioners who walk the walk; they are compelling examples of the fruits yielded by a steadfast daily commitment to the 8-limbed yogic path. This carefully curated team of lightworkers will artfully guide and support you in discovering that inherent wisdom that resides within you, as well.


Communities of Practice

At Yoga Innergy, we believe that we all have unique perspectives, experiences, and talents to offer; this is why we consider our students to be teachers, as well. We are known for cultivating inclusive communities of practice that promote and celebrate our diversity through collaboration.

We bring together “student teachers” from all around the globe, hailing from different stages of life and various levels of yoga experience. We honor the uniqueness of our community and are invigorated by the meaningful connections that are forged during our immersive experiences and beyond. Yoga Innergy students are encouraged to work together in finding the gems that lie at the heart of the practice and teachings that connects us all.


Our Commitment

We’re committed to creating deeply nourishing, heart opening, and transformative experiences for genuine people seeking genuine lives. At Yoga Innergy, we empower our students to take yoga off their mats and into the fullness of their lives. But, what does that even look like in our daily experience? Practicing yoga on and off the mat cultivates the skill of coping with the busyness of modern-day living with less stress, less physical and emotional imbalance, and an increased capacity to live and love more authentically. In doing and in being so, we inspire others to do the same.

We will guide you in navigating and intentionally creating your internal landscape; those energies that–both consciously and unconsciously–dictate your life, your relationships, and how you show up in the world. Through this self-inquiry, we’ll help you identify your stuck points, give you the space you need to rest and restore, and choose a new way of being. You’ll leave our immersive experiences with practical resources, holistic healing methods, and an engaged community of support, setting you up for ongoing growth and development needed for your lifelong journey.

Established in 2016, Yoga Innergy is a Registered Yoga Alliance Certified School offering international 200 hour yoga teacher trainings, yoga retreats and workshops in unforgettable destinations around the world, with the mission to bring the universal heart of yoga home for each individual.

It is our intention to provide inclusive learning environments for everybody and to celebrate diversity. We bring together students from around the globe, honouring uniqueness and finding the gems that lie at the heart of the practice and teachings that connect us all.

Energy is contagious, are you ready to raise your vibration?

We pride ourselves on collaborating with experienced senior yoga teachers who are experts in their specialised fields. You know those special ones you meet whose company you just want to bathe in? Whose conversation you want to soak up? The teachers that light up a room and make something bubble up and expand inside you? These are the teachers you’ll be guided by on our immersions for you to find that inner energy and inherent wisdom in yourself.
We’re committed to creating deeply nourishing, heart opening and life changing experiences for genuine people with genuine lives, Yoga Innergy keeps it real, empowering our students to take yoga off their mats and truly live yoga. What does that look like? A life where you can cope with the busyness of modern day living, with less stress, less physical and emotional imbalance and the capacity to live and love more authentically and in being so help others do the same.

We will guide you to truly know your INternal landscape – the energies that both consciously and unconsciously dictate your life, your relationships and how you show up in the world. This self enquiry through yoga, meditation and a whole heap of other holistic healing methods will help you find the places you’re stuck, give you the space and rest to restore and allow you to choose a new way of being. What’s more you’ll leave our yoga immersion accompanied with loads of new tools and knowledge to help you continue to develop and grow long after we’ve parted ways.

Chocolako, MPH, MBA
Creator of Yoga Innergy

“… you feel her before you see her. She’s vibrant, colorful and fun, with an infectious smile that calls forth her ancestors. Her soul stirring reminders weave effortlessly and leave an imprint that is delightful to experience”


Yoga Innergy creatrix and global nomad Chocolako
is a registered Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 and Continuing education provider (YACEP).


Atlanta raised with African roots, Chocolako has been teaching yoga across Africa, South East Asia, and the USA for the last decade. Chocolako’s Nigerian heritage and energetic connection to her ancestral realm adds a unique flavour and richness to Yoga Innery’s offerings in which she blends African philosophy, Indian Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Mindfulness.

With a degree in Human and Organizational Development and a Masters degree in Public Health, Chocolako has as much smarts as she does sass and sensitivity. Having
spent 15 years in the healthcare sector, Chocolako witnessed first hand the delicacy of life and death and the enormity of human suffering in the face of dis-ease and trauma as well as serious stress and burn out from her colleagues. It was during this time Chocolako developed her enormous capacity for loving compassion, a gift for holding space and a deep desire to be the change those around her so desperately needed.

Yoga and meditation gave Chocolako insight into holistic wellbeing and how these modalities are preventative and help treat the root cause of imbalance and illness, eventually leading her away from public healthcare and into public wellness, birthing the internationally loved yogini and healHer that she is today on a mission to help others “feel it, then heal it”.

With more than 1,000+ hours of accredited yoga teacher training in specialised areas such as Yin Yoga, Embodied Mindfulness and Feminine embodiment, Chocolako weaves artistic expression through all that she creates. She collaborates with some of the world’s leading yoga teachers in her yoga teacher trainings and retreats that guide you to discover who you are and why you’re here and what’s more her infectious high vibing energy transmits to all she comes into contact with this mystical mindfulness mentor.